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February 12, 2012 / stephaniepomfrett

Best Love From a 9th Lancer

I don’t usually post two pictures, but these two came as a pair and I’ve managed to do some research about the people involved.

These postcards were sent in 1915 to Miss Dora Farron in Liverpool from Uncle Joe in Tidworth. Now, the 9th Lancers instantly tells us that he’s a soldier. A bit of research shows that Tidworth is an army base traditionally used for the training of soldiers. The 9th Queen’s Royal Lancers were a cavalry unit, although after 1914, the soldiers were infantry in the trenches. So there’s a good chance Uncle Joe went to France- I can’t find any information on him, unfortunately.

Looking at the 1911 census, it shows that Dora was born in 1910- so these cards are embellished with glitter and sent addressed to a little girl who was obviously very much loved.  There’s not much written on the cards and the ever present censorship mark is present. On the card at the bottom, Uncle Joe has written:

Dear Dora, 

Many thanks for the cigs. I won’t forget your P.C. [postcard] every week though it is hard to pick chouse [choose]. Best of love from Uncle Joe xx

I’ve written about World War I postcards before and I feel incredibly lucky to have these in my collection as well.



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  1. Dakota Boo / Feb 12 2012 12:41 pm

    Lovely postcards – thanks for sharing.

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