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November 13, 2011 / stephaniepomfrett

A WWI postcard to Laura from the Front

This postcard is incredibly special and I’ve been saving it for Remembrance Sunday. I bought a collection of them after seeing this one for the website. There are fourteen in all, dated from November 1917-June 1918. All are sent from Jonathan Bridges Batson to his wife, Laura, in Norfolk. It looks like he tried to write everyday- how I would love that I had the complete set! Jack, as he signs his name, was one of the lucky ones who came back from the war- and it appears he went on to run a cobbler’s shop in Norwich (I’d love to find out more at some point.) The postcards aren’t interesting  in the way of giving info about the war, but are touching because they show the love Jack has for Laura and his frustrations at the war. On this postcard, dated 16/3/18 he writes:
Dearest Laura,

Just a card hoping you are quite well, I had a letter from Ted last night and he says he thinks he will get another leave. I must say he is very lucky, good luck to him. That’s one thing I have not had since I have been in the army. My luck seems out. What do you think of my Sunday Girl [referring to the girl on the card]? Rather lovely, ain’t she? (You won’t get jealous, what you [indecipherable]) Nothing doing in the way of leave yet but hope to soon hear something so.

With fondest love and heaps of kisses,
Your loving Husband,
Lest we forget.

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